Monday, 4 July 2016

The Lucky Dime Caper + Master System bargains

Well I have been incredibly lucky this month with finds, purchases, and general retro goodness!! I managed to blag a free £50 amazon voucher from British Gas so obviously I spent it on retro games (And a slow cooker... Because I am obviously domesticated Ha ha...)

I also managed to blag an original Master System for £20 from the car boot - Complete with light phaser, controller, all cables (Including the AV cable which makes life easier) + 3 games - Rampart, Operation Wolf, and Sonic 2. (although Sonic is unboxed) Switching it on - It does work. :D And it has the Safari Hunt & Hang-on built in games! So I am already happy with my little purchase. (Although I would have preferred Alex The Kidd... Guess that's the newer consoles though if my memory serves me right...)

So I decided to buy a couple of Master System games with my Amazon freebie. I bought 'Donald Duck - The Lucky Dime Caper' which I used to play when I was about 5 years old or some shit on my next-door neighbours master system! So much nostalgia. I just remember having to save Huey, Dewy and Louie :')

So yeah, 5 hours play time later, I have decided this game is evil. How I ever used to play this as a kid I do not know as I am about ready for throwing the fucker out the window. It is a REALLY good game, and not as unforgiving as some retro games, as you seem to get an unlimited amount of continues, it's just the BULLSHIT that keeps killing me every damn level. :') You start with a hammer (or Frisbee - which is useless, hate it...) and if you get hit once, you lose your hammer. Which is also your weapon. If you get hit again, you're dead. And it's pretty much instant with no weapon...

The game also likes to glitch quite a lot, I think I was killed from the other side of the room by something, even though I was in a safe spot :') I also got catapulted into the ceiling in one level with my last remaining life, so I had to wait for the timer to go down to end the level (If I'd have reset I would have had to go back to the very beginning and that would have meant I would have no console as it would have been smashed...) So when it eventually let me out of the ceiling I had to restart the whole sequence again from the beginning. :')

I did get pretty far tbh, I think I got to the last level, the castle of the evil witch duck thing whatever her name is, but my eyes were fucking killing that bad I ended up turning it off. I managed to save Donald's Nephews from whatever fate but I didn't manage to save all poor Uncle Scrooge's Dimes :') Too bad, greedy old bastard.

I also bought New Zealand story on Master System but I am about ready for throwing that on the lawn at the moment so I will update when I've stopped being a noob and can actually get to the 3rd sequence of levels. :')

Cheers guys!


  1. I downloaded MAME at lunchtime today at work (I'm a developer), and spent ten minutes playing Outrun and paperboy :)

    1. haha I used to love Paper Boy!!! I was never very good at it though, I'm sure I have some really old version of it somewhere for the Amiga or something :')


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