Monday, 9 May 2016

Best Car Boot sale haul EVERRR

Wow. I couldn't believe my luck on Saturday. I decided to go to a local car boot sale again to see what retro goodies I could find... I normally find quite a nice few PS2 / PS1 games, occasionally some Gamecube games, but I think I hit the jackpot on Saturday.

I'd literally just walked through the gates, paid my entrance fee etc, went to the first stall on my right. It was such a nice day on Saturday. The nicest day we've had this year here in the Midlands, UK! I nearly missed it. But there, under an old paste table in a really old, scratty bag, was a SNES! With a shit load of games in another bag next to it!

I literally snatched it up quick before anyone else saw it, (I have no idea how I managed to get it before anyone else, there are normally hoards of 'seasoned' people who go out specifically looking for shit like this - probably because it was screwed up in an old bag) prompty asked the price, said I could have the whole lot for £30. Bargain. Literally threw the money at him, didn't even look in the bag as I ran back to the car.

So i got back to my car to have a look what i'd actually bought, (I was thinking at this point surely it won't work when I get it home) Only to find aswell as a SNES there was a PS1 in there too with a few controllers, a BOXED SNES pad, Street Fighter 2 Super Boxed, Killer Instinct Boxed, and Super Mario World Cartridge! Aswell as an extra controller for it and one unofficial one.

Safe to say i'm quite happy with my purchase. I know this is worth lots lots more than I paid for it. And to make things better, it does infact work! :D *happy dance*

I also managed to pick up quite a nice few PS1/PS2 games from other stalls, I'll post them up laters xD


  1. OMG... I have a SNES in the attic, and a few other old consoles. Lucky find! (p.s. love the blog!)


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