Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Carboot Sale Haul! Retro Gaming Goodies!

So I went to two car boot sales over the weekend!

I scored some great retro goodies,

here's a pic of my haul: (click for larger picture!)

So! I managed to get hold of:

*GTA 5 pre-release poster, cost me a grand total of 50p

* x2 cool Crash Bandicoot plushies, Cost me £1.00 each! (I have decided to Ebay these to get more money to buy Megadrive games...)

* Batman: The Boardgame, original 1989 boardgame in new condition! It was only £5.00!

*One Piece 'Nami' Anime figure - From Japan! This was an awesome find, still new and sealed in the wrapper! I paid £3.00

*A selection of Mcdonald's Mario figures, Peach, Mushroom and Donkey Kong, I got the lot for 50p.

*SEALED PS1 Japanese NTSC-J game, 'FEVER 2'. I have never ever heard of this game in my life, but it was still sealed, so I thought it would be a good purchase. I paid £2.00

*Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood book, paperback, only 50p.

*A selection of PS2 games, I managed to pick up Starwars Episode 3, Myst III: Exile, Quack Attack (Loved this as a kid!), Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom, Jet Ion GP, and 007 Nightfire, which had a PS2 memory card inside it! I got these for £1.00 each.

I think I got a pretty good haul this week. For anyone collecting / thinking about retro, a carboot sale is a great place to start. I would advise getting there early though (I paid extra to go onto the field early, the one I go to starts at 12.30PM but I went in at 11.00AM) You can pick up some great titles and unusual items that you wouldn't expect to find for cheap.

Most of this stuff will go into my collection, a couple of bits I may Ebay though so I can buy more games / retro!

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