Monday, 22 February 2016

Net Yaroze / Clone / Fears in Video Games

Well... the other day I said I dug an old demo disc out from back in the day.

The Demo had Net Yaroze Bonanza on it, so me and Luke decided to play through a few of these games. They brought back a few memories, and a few fears!!

One, I remember distinctively well, Clone, as I think it gave me nightmares for like a week. The sheer horror on my 12 year old face (I was a kid, anyhow...) when I was, unknowingly, walking around this horribly designed brick maze-cave thing, only to discover some horrible alien creature jumping out at me from the darkness. Those that know me well will know the following, and I don't cope well with jump scares.

These are a few of the things that freak me out in games:

1. Jump Scares. Quite reasonable, I'd say.

2. Being Chased. I don't care what by. Don't even get me started on Rugrats Search for Reptar, I can't cope with Thorg, but that's another story...

3. Things in water on games / being in water on games.

4. Footsteps / Something coming towards you when you're trapped. Fucking Tomb Raider 2, I tried to play it again recently and I got up to the Opera House level, where you find yourself venturing into this hole to press a button. As soon as you press it, the game jumps to a cut scene. All you see is this great oaf of a man with a bat coming towards the puny hole that you're trapped in... Needless to say I paused the game, waited patiently for my sister to get back from work to do it for me. I eventually gave up waiting, saved it and turned it off, haven't been back to it since. :')

5. Dinosaurs. Particularly T-Rex's. (Even worse when they are chasing you..) Turok killed me. The Xbox 360 game, I remember hiding in a log for about half an hour because I thought I heard a thudding noise coming towards me. Again, Tomb Raider 2, I remember my friend, when I was a kid, going up to the monstrous t-Rex down the massive hole in the very first level. I'd gone to the bathroom, and she'd paused it, laughing menacingly when I returned as she knew my fear!! Bitch.

6. Having to hide so something doesn't see/ find you. Again, this is probably quite normal. But it's fucking horrible, hence why I couldn't play Alien Isolation as I didn't like the look of hiding in a locker whilst something horrible shifts past you, in the hope it doesn't find you.

7. Looking through a keyhole. (This probably applies more to movies...) I can't stand it having to look through and something popping up on the other side.

8. This guy, creeping up on you rattling his tray...

Anyway, back to my original point...
Clone is still a fucking horrible game.

I literally shuddered when it came on, hearing the noises and the eerie music. I made Luke play it whilst I watched, and I still jumped when those horrible alien creatures came out. I do have to admit through, they do look significantly less scary now, a few years later :') I never actually played the whole thing as a kid, but the whole game seems to be the same thing, you're in a maze, you have to find different coloured keys to get through different coloured doors. You shoot the aliens on the way through. Once you're through all the doors you progress to the next level. Pretty simple, and I think there are only 4 levels. Then the whole damned thing goes back to level 1, for you to start all over again.

Does anyone else have any ridiculous fears in computer games? Or is it just me that seems to be a complete wimp. :')

I will get onto Terra Incognita in my next post, We had a lot of frustration with that one :') At least it didn't creep me out.

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