Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Busy bee

I've been a busy bee the last few weeka! I've been to several festivals over the summer and started a new hobby so I haven't been out and about buying much retro recently!
I did, however, buy a big bundle of PS1 games around 2 weeks ago. Titles included:
Chronicles of the Sword, A Bugs Life, James Bond 007 racer, Tony Hawks 2, Tony Hawks 3, Treasure Planet and Planet of the Apes!
So I didn't do too bad, only paid £10!
On another note I've started up on Etsy making jewellery. I plan to make some game inspired pieces! Keep watch!

Monday, 4 July 2016

The Lucky Dime Caper + Master System bargains

Well I have been incredibly lucky this month with finds, purchases, and general retro goodness!! I managed to blag a free £50 amazon voucher from British Gas so obviously I spent it on retro games (And a slow cooker... Because I am obviously domesticated Ha ha...)

I also managed to blag an original Master System for £20 from the car boot - Complete with light phaser, controller, all cables (Including the AV cable which makes life easier) + 3 games - Rampart, Operation Wolf, and Sonic 2. (although Sonic is unboxed) Switching it on - It does work. :D And it has the Safari Hunt & Hang-on built in games! So I am already happy with my little purchase. (Although I would have preferred Alex The Kidd... Guess that's the newer consoles though if my memory serves me right...)

So I decided to buy a couple of Master System games with my Amazon freebie. I bought 'Donald Duck - The Lucky Dime Caper' which I used to play when I was about 5 years old or some shit on my next-door neighbours master system! So much nostalgia. I just remember having to save Huey, Dewy and Louie :')

So yeah, 5 hours play time later, I have decided this game is evil. How I ever used to play this as a kid I do not know as I am about ready for throwing the fucker out the window. It is a REALLY good game, and not as unforgiving as some retro games, as you seem to get an unlimited amount of continues, it's just the BULLSHIT that keeps killing me every damn level. :') You start with a hammer (or Frisbee - which is useless, hate it...) and if you get hit once, you lose your hammer. Which is also your weapon. If you get hit again, you're dead. And it's pretty much instant with no weapon...

The game also likes to glitch quite a lot, I think I was killed from the other side of the room by something, even though I was in a safe spot :') I also got catapulted into the ceiling in one level with my last remaining life, so I had to wait for the timer to go down to end the level (If I'd have reset I would have had to go back to the very beginning and that would have meant I would have no console as it would have been smashed...) So when it eventually let me out of the ceiling I had to restart the whole sequence again from the beginning. :')

I did get pretty far tbh, I think I got to the last level, the castle of the evil witch duck thing whatever her name is, but my eyes were fucking killing that bad I ended up turning it off. I managed to save Donald's Nephews from whatever fate but I didn't manage to save all poor Uncle Scrooge's Dimes :') Too bad, greedy old bastard.

I also bought New Zealand story on Master System but I am about ready for throwing that on the lawn at the moment so I will update when I've stopped being a noob and can actually get to the 3rd sequence of levels. :')

Cheers guys!

Monday, 23 May 2016

ZX Spectrum +2

So I picked this up yesterday at a carboot sale...

I have no idea how it works. Or even how to work it, but it looks cool even if it doesn't work. Maybe i'll hang it on the wall if I can't get it going...

Monday, 9 May 2016

Best Car Boot sale haul EVERRR

Wow. I couldn't believe my luck on Saturday. I decided to go to a local car boot sale again to see what retro goodies I could find... I normally find quite a nice few PS2 / PS1 games, occasionally some Gamecube games, but I think I hit the jackpot on Saturday.

I'd literally just walked through the gates, paid my entrance fee etc, went to the first stall on my right. It was such a nice day on Saturday. The nicest day we've had this year here in the Midlands, UK! I nearly missed it. But there, under an old paste table in a really old, scratty bag, was a SNES! With a shit load of games in another bag next to it!

I literally snatched it up quick before anyone else saw it, (I have no idea how I managed to get it before anyone else, there are normally hoards of 'seasoned' people who go out specifically looking for shit like this - probably because it was screwed up in an old bag) prompty asked the price, said I could have the whole lot for £30. Bargain. Literally threw the money at him, didn't even look in the bag as I ran back to the car.

So i got back to my car to have a look what i'd actually bought, (I was thinking at this point surely it won't work when I get it home) Only to find aswell as a SNES there was a PS1 in there too with a few controllers, a BOXED SNES pad, Street Fighter 2 Super Boxed, Killer Instinct Boxed, and Super Mario World Cartridge! Aswell as an extra controller for it and one unofficial one.

Safe to say i'm quite happy with my purchase. I know this is worth lots lots more than I paid for it. And to make things better, it does infact work! :D *happy dance*

I also managed to pick up quite a nice few PS1/PS2 games from other stalls, I'll post them up laters xD

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Carboot Sale Haul! Retro Gaming Goodies!

So I went to two car boot sales over the weekend!

I scored some great retro goodies,

here's a pic of my haul: (click for larger picture!)

So! I managed to get hold of:

*GTA 5 pre-release poster, cost me a grand total of 50p

* x2 cool Crash Bandicoot plushies, Cost me £1.00 each! (I have decided to Ebay these to get more money to buy Megadrive games...)

* Batman: The Boardgame, original 1989 boardgame in new condition! It was only £5.00!

*One Piece 'Nami' Anime figure - From Japan! This was an awesome find, still new and sealed in the wrapper! I paid £3.00

*A selection of Mcdonald's Mario figures, Peach, Mushroom and Donkey Kong, I got the lot for 50p.

*SEALED PS1 Japanese NTSC-J game, 'FEVER 2'. I have never ever heard of this game in my life, but it was still sealed, so I thought it would be a good purchase. I paid £2.00

*Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood book, paperback, only 50p.

*A selection of PS2 games, I managed to pick up Starwars Episode 3, Myst III: Exile, Quack Attack (Loved this as a kid!), Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom, Jet Ion GP, and 007 Nightfire, which had a PS2 memory card inside it! I got these for £1.00 each.

I think I got a pretty good haul this week. For anyone collecting / thinking about retro, a carboot sale is a great place to start. I would advise getting there early though (I paid extra to go onto the field early, the one I go to starts at 12.30PM but I went in at 11.00AM) You can pick up some great titles and unusual items that you wouldn't expect to find for cheap.

Most of this stuff will go into my collection, a couple of bits I may Ebay though so I can buy more games / retro!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Crash Bash

So I'm bidding on this on Ebay... I'd better win, this was my favourite as a kid!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Net Yaroze / Clone / Fears in Video Games

Well... the other day I said I dug an old demo disc out from back in the day.

The Demo had Net Yaroze Bonanza on it, so me and Luke decided to play through a few of these games. They brought back a few memories, and a few fears!!

One, I remember distinctively well, Clone, as I think it gave me nightmares for like a week. The sheer horror on my 12 year old face (I was a kid, anyhow...) when I was, unknowingly, walking around this horribly designed brick maze-cave thing, only to discover some horrible alien creature jumping out at me from the darkness. Those that know me well will know the following, and I don't cope well with jump scares.

These are a few of the things that freak me out in games:

1. Jump Scares. Quite reasonable, I'd say.

2. Being Chased. I don't care what by. Don't even get me started on Rugrats Search for Reptar, I can't cope with Thorg, but that's another story...

3. Things in water on games / being in water on games.

4. Footsteps / Something coming towards you when you're trapped. Fucking Tomb Raider 2, I tried to play it again recently and I got up to the Opera House level, where you find yourself venturing into this hole to press a button. As soon as you press it, the game jumps to a cut scene. All you see is this great oaf of a man with a bat coming towards the puny hole that you're trapped in... Needless to say I paused the game, waited patiently for my sister to get back from work to do it for me. I eventually gave up waiting, saved it and turned it off, haven't been back to it since. :')

5. Dinosaurs. Particularly T-Rex's. (Even worse when they are chasing you..) Turok killed me. The Xbox 360 game, I remember hiding in a log for about half an hour because I thought I heard a thudding noise coming towards me. Again, Tomb Raider 2, I remember my friend, when I was a kid, going up to the monstrous t-Rex down the massive hole in the very first level. I'd gone to the bathroom, and she'd paused it, laughing menacingly when I returned as she knew my fear!! Bitch.

6. Having to hide so something doesn't see/ find you. Again, this is probably quite normal. But it's fucking horrible, hence why I couldn't play Alien Isolation as I didn't like the look of hiding in a locker whilst something horrible shifts past you, in the hope it doesn't find you.

7. Looking through a keyhole. (This probably applies more to movies...) I can't stand it having to look through and something popping up on the other side.

8. This guy, creeping up on you rattling his tray...

Anyway, back to my original point...
Clone is still a fucking horrible game.

I literally shuddered when it came on, hearing the noises and the eerie music. I made Luke play it whilst I watched, and I still jumped when those horrible alien creatures came out. I do have to admit through, they do look significantly less scary now, a few years later :') I never actually played the whole thing as a kid, but the whole game seems to be the same thing, you're in a maze, you have to find different coloured keys to get through different coloured doors. You shoot the aliens on the way through. Once you're through all the doors you progress to the next level. Pretty simple, and I think there are only 4 levels. Then the whole damned thing goes back to level 1, for you to start all over again.

Does anyone else have any ridiculous fears in computer games? Or is it just me that seems to be a complete wimp. :')

I will get onto Terra Incognita in my next post, We had a lot of frustration with that one :') At least it didn't creep me out.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Toejam and Earl + Pie = Win

So a friend of mine is coming round tonight, We have agreed to eat pies and play games. We know how to partay. We had a session the other night on some old Net Yaroze games we found on an old demo disc... Oh my. Terra Incognito... :') I will come to describing such a game in a later post... AHEM, Anyway,

Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron it is tonight! Megadrive classic, I've completed it a few times as a kid, but I've never got the 'Other' ending, and Luke has never completed it. So screw it. On another note, I've been busy moving in to my own flat over the last couple of weeks, so I now have the space to start my own 'retro fortress' and actually have space for all the consoles / games I own, so stay tuned! :D

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Attic finds...

Took a little trip up my attic last night, which to my surprise, unearthed more retro goodies that I couldn't find before! (My attic is like a treasure trove... and there's too much stuff everywhere so it's hard to even navigate it...)
Managed to Unearth the Final Fantasy Titles for PS1, a SEALED Final Fantasy XII for PS2, My boxed Pokémon Blue and Crystal, and my boxed Pokémon Pinball that I haven't even seen for years xD
I also found a sealed Charizard pack of Pokémon cards :D (From the Arceus set?? I really can't remember now...)
There's also a load of manuals up there I found,
At least I have something to keep me busy tonight now!