Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Word of Illusion

This is one of my favourite games ever for the Megadrive. I used to love playing 2 player... one of us as Mickey and one of us as Donald! Just the music, the graphics, everything has that nostalgic charm about it. It's an awesome game...
I think my favourite level was the one where you fly the magic carpet across the clouds! Anyone remember this?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Home Alone!

Wow, and you thought games were hard now. Anyone that has ever finished this deserves a medal. I swear I can't even save one house. almost 2 decades later and I still can't get the hang of this. Children these days would have no hope if games were still made like this... The jist of the game is that you have to save your neighborhood from everyone's favourite burglars the Wet Bandits... Before they flood everyone out. It's quite menacing though when they catch you and hook you up on the wall! You collect/ create weapons and set traps to try stop the thieves but my attempts have been feeble and I seem to lose every time as the time runs out...

Nightmare Creatures

Paranormal Activity...

Sonic Adventure

Oh Sonic...

I don't know about you... 
But I used to specifically enjoy carrying this man around. I made it my task to see how far I could take him with me in Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) 

Remember this??

Oh nostalgia. 
(Although Sonic does look like he may be upto something else...)

Monday, 20 October 2014

True story. :( 

Best present evurrrr.

Best gift yet?
I think so. 

So I recieved this earlier in the year. Streets of Rage vest, complete with Mega-Drive style collectable box! I think this was from Drop Dead
 (Obviously it is rude to ask where presents come from but I did a bit of digging :P)

Lovessss it. They do an Ecco The Dolphin Tee and a Golden Axe Sweater. Want.

Buy it me? Haha. I wish. I better get saving my pennies...

Abes Oddysee!

So I got this little gem out of my cupboard to play this evening.
I'm finding myself getting severe OCD though, checking every nook and cranny and going over areas again and again so I can ensure the safety of every single mudokon. (And dieing and failing again and again...)
I am finding it amusing 'accidentally' killing a few of them though...
This is an ace game, I loved it as a kid! So happy I managed to pick a copy up at a carboot sale for £2!