Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Are games too easy these days?

So yeah. I was reading this article. Games are too frickin' easy these days!!!

  I can so relate to this.  Gone are the days of old-school games where you actually had to play the game for yourself. Work out a challenge by yourself.  God forbid. It was this quote about half way down the article that made me think though , albeit the main focus of the article was regarding the now multi-player dominated market;

“Not enough games let you fail anymore."

 – Simon Matthews

   I agree with this so much. I have been saying this for a long long time; games these days are too easy. They don’t ‘let you fail’ – they are meant to be completed.
I remember the days where I would be stuck on a level for days, even months at a time. Fucking hell I still haven’t even completed some! (The pain and frustration when I remember is sometimes too difficult for me I haven’t actually played them since…)

   “It really felt like I had an impact on the story and the game; I remember feeling upset and angry when Iceman died, but I had the sense that it was my fault for failing missions.” 

   Games don’t give you that empathy anymore. I don’t know, maybe the lust for ‘gamer score’ or ‘trophies’ contributes to this; a lot of games let you power through them in order to obtain 100%. They let you win. If you’re struggling they give you a map. If you don’t know what to do you can get hints. I don’t know if it’s just me but newer games don’t seem that much of a challenge anymore. I know there are some exceptions, of course, and it does depend on the game-type ( Ha, I’m still terrible at newer games, fuck Dark Souls, I took it back lmao #ragequit) but the new generation of gaming doesn’t feel the same to me.

   I used to actually get a sense of achievement from actually working something out for myself. I’d be ecstatic if, and very rarely, I actually finished a game, back in the day, when I’d just be a kid playing my Mega Drive or PS1.
   I miss the old school Tomb Raider days when the games were actually hard. Where I’d be stuck on the edge of a fucking cliff for weeks because I couldn't figure out where to go or where I needed to jump to. I had no internet to look it up, maybe only a dial-up connection where I’d have to ask my mum if I could use it (and then get shouted at for being on it for half an hour because it cost 2p a minute or some shit) I know I’d have killed for the internet at the time, but thinking about it now and seeing the state of some games, I really do miss it. I’d immerse myself trying to solve a puzzle for days.

   Take this as another example. This fucking game. The bane of my life. The Lion King on the Megadrive. I have had a love-hate relationship with it for the past 20 odd years.

Watch from 3.39 in... Seriously...  HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT OUT?! Trial and error. And constant game overs. (I still haven’t beat frickin’ Scar…) I really don’t know how this could be classed as a kid’s game. I can’t even do it now. I only managed to get this far in to the game when I was about 19! Hahaha.  

   That is another thing. The ‘Game Over’ screen. It barely exists anymore. I have so many mega-drive games where if you’re dead, you’re dead. You have a set number of lives. And if you lose ‘em that’s it. You can’t just save willy-nilly, you actually have to start all over again even if you are one kill away from the end. (Screw you Scar…) You have to learn the levels, figure out where the hidden lives/continues are and generally try to become a pro through repetition. The feeling of joy I used to get because I’d actually got past the horrible falling log waterfall on the ‘Hakuna Matata’ Level. Or got past the pissed-off looking ape at the end of it.

   Does anyone else feel like this? Or is it just me being nostalgic...

- Sarah

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